Ash Wednesday (Book Blurbs)

Today is February 14, so naturally stores are filled with flowers, candy, and greeting cards for those last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers. But this year, February 14 also marks a “holiday/holy-day” of far more significance for the Church–Ash Wednesday. However, many in my tradition (Southern Baptist) have little knowledge of or concern for Ash Wednesday. Unfortunately, I find this lack of knowledge and concern disappointing. The … Continue reading Ash Wednesday (Book Blurbs)

Rejoicing in Christ (Book Blurbs)

With Thanksgiving only a day away, I thought today might be a good day to share Reeves’s book as a reminder of why and in whom we rejoice and give thanks. In Rejoicing in Christ, Reeves does a masterful job of putting Christ as the focal point of the gospel. The gospel is not that Jesus helps us get to heaven and then disappears, but that … Continue reading Rejoicing in Christ (Book Blurbs)

Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology (Book Blurbs)

This is one of the better books I have read in the Counterpoints series. Each of the four main contributors present their cases well and give substantive feedback and criticism to each other in their responses. Additionally, the inclusion of reflections by Strauss, Wolters, and Wright are an excellent addition to provide further reflection from various perspectives that are not “defending their own view”. The … Continue reading Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology (Book Blurbs)

The Doctrine of the Trinity (Book Blurbs)

Reeves has done a marvelous job of showing the central importance of the doctrine of the Trinity for Christianity. More specifically, it is not the doctrine that is central, but the reality of who God is AS Trinity–Father, Son, and Spirit–that is central to Christianity. Reeves highlights the self-giving, loving nature of the Father, which is magnified by the obedient, loving response of the Son … Continue reading The Doctrine of the Trinity (Book Blurbs)

Christians and Culture (Book Blurbs)

Below are brief recommendations for several excellent books on Christian engagement with culture and social issues of our day. Volf provides an excellent primer on Christianity and its role in the public arena. He lays out his argument for Christianity as a prophetic religion that works towards human flourishing while not being coercive. Along the way he critiques several flawed approaches in a helpful and … Continue reading Christians and Culture (Book Blurbs)

On the Shoulders of Hobbits (Book Blurbs)

Louis Markos is an excellent writer (perhaps an even better speaker if you get the chance to hear him) and has fantastic insight into both Tolkien and Lewis. The structure of the book is easy to follow and is centered around the four cardinal and three theological virtues. For each virtue, Markos demonstrates with examples from Tolkien and Lewis’s stories how each writer develops these … Continue reading On the Shoulders of Hobbits (Book Blurbs)

Eugene Peterson (Book Blurbs)

This is an insightful book on the goals and practice of reading Scripture. Using the vision of John’s revelation where he eats the scroll, Peterson argues that spiritual reading (lectio divina) must lead to not only reading but also living the text. Although some practices are less clearly outlined from a practical approach, Peterson’s overall framework and exhortation to practice spiritual reading are helpful and … Continue reading Eugene Peterson (Book Blurbs)