Theology as Discipleship by Keith Johnson (Book Blurbs)

theology as discipleship

Keith Johnson’s Theology as Discipleship is a helpful work that explores the link between theology and everyday Christian life. Johnson recognizes that many Christians are opposed to the task of theology because it takes away time from discipleship, yet Johnson makes a strong case that theology done rightly is in fact integral to faithful discipleship. Johnson emphasizes the centrality of a God revealed in the incarnate Jesus Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and he proposes that faithful theological study leads us to think the thoughts of Christ, most poignantly evidenced in Philippians 2 and the humility of Christ. Johnson’s work is perhaps more academic than many in the church will care to read, and I fear this reality may in fact confirm for many that theology is merely academic knowledge devoid of practicality. For any who read the book, this is anything but true, but sometimes stereotypes are strong and hard to break. Still, many in the church could benefit from this work if they were encouraged to give it a chance. More likely, however, this will prove a helpful book for college and seminary students in introductory theology classes.

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