Beauty for Truth’s Sake by Stratford Caldecott (Book Blurbs)

beauty for truth's sakeIn Beauty for Truth’s Sake, Caldecott provides an excellent defense of the need to infuse wonder and poetic imagination into our education, and through beauty to bring about a re-enchantment in education. Although it is by no means his main point in the book, Caldecott has provided one of the best explanations I have seen for both the beauty and importance of mathematics from a Christian worldview. The work overall is fascinating and thought-provoking, yet accessible to a wide range of readers.

Excerpts: “The keys to meaning are (and always have been) form, gestalt, beauty, interiority, relationship, radiance, and purpose. An education for meaning would therefore begin with an education in the perception of form. The ‘re-enchantment’ of education would open our eyes to the meaning and beauty of the cosmos” (17).

“The ‘purpose’ of the Liberal Arts is therefore to purify the soul, to discipline the attention so that it becomes capable of devotion to God; that is, prayer” (90).

“When Adam fell from grace, the whole creation was somehow dis-graced, or put out of joint. The healing of the world therefore cannot be envisaged without a reordering and a healing of the inner world of imagination, intelligence, and will” (108).

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