Christians and Culture (Book Blurbs)

Book Blurbs

Below are brief recommendations for several excellent books on Christian engagement with culture and social issues of our day.

public faith volf

Volf provides an excellent primer on Christianity and its role in the public arena. He lays out his argument for Christianity as a prophetic religion that works towards human flourishing while not being coercive. Along the way he critiques several flawed approaches in a helpful and fair way. This is an excellent place to start for those who wonder how Christians should engage contemporary culture without losing our distinctiveness or alienating the broader culture.


suprised by scriptureAs a collection of lectures and various talks that relate to Scripture and culture (loosely in some places), much of the work is repetitive, a reality Wright himself admits in the preface. Nevertheless, I found it to be engaging and helpful, especially the way in which he captures in each chapter something he develops in full-length books elsewhere. For example, “Jesus is Coming–Plant a Tree” is a good summary of Surprised by Hope, and “Our Politics are too Small” parallels closely How God Became King.


onwardMoore provides an excellent analysis of problems with many Christian approaches to cultural engagement. His focus is on a prophetic minority, not a moral majority; not warriors against culture, but warriors for the kingdom. He argues convincingly that the first step in winsome cultural engagement is a regenerate Church marked by biblical church discipline. The church does not need to yell louder than the cultural; rather, they need to look different than the culture so that they might retain their prophetic voice. This is a fantastic book that blends good biblical exegesis with wise and discerning advice for engaging culture. I highly recommend this work for Christians interested in or worried about the church’s voice in a changing culture.

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