Nexus Notes–November 3, 2017

The Bible Project

This website is a treasure trove of helpful resources for any Bible class. With beautifully created overview videos of each book of the Bible, the Bible Project is helpful and engaging. These videos are accompanied with helpful printed resources for deeper study and understanding. Check this video out on an overview of Genesis 1-11.

Against Efficiency: Work Is Not The Point Of Work by Joshua Gibbs

“When a man obscures the love of God with his commitment to work, he becomes a slave. A slave lives in fear, as St. Paul suggests in Romans, for the slave is commanded from above with coercive threats. If a man neglects the knowledge of God in his work, he has been reduced to a chattel, for he regards himself as purely physical object.”

Teaching Classical Literature Classically by Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern helps us understand how we are to study literature in a the classical sense. “The classical purpose for teaching literature is the same as the classical purpose for teaching anything: to cultivate wisdom and virtue so that the student is better able to know and enjoy God.”

Podcast: Under 18: Barna Researcher Shares the Latest Findings on Gen Z

BaseCampLive Podcast interviews Brooke Hempell from Barna research about Gen Z student research. A fascinating interview and helpful for all educators.

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