Sabermetrics and Grades

I’m a huge baseball fan, having played the game from six years old through college and watched it all my life. During those years, one of the more interesting developments has been the rise of interest in sabermetrics, an innovative attempt at empirically analyzing in-game activities to measure success. For example, traditional statistics measured straightforward outcomes like batting average (hits divided by at-bats) and statistics … Continue reading Sabermetrics and Grades

Stop Loving People, Part 4

I have delayed in producing this wrap-up of my series “Stop Loving People”, but by provocation have been engendered to go ahead and write it. The provocation is actually three-fold. The first fold of the provocation was the seed planted, which the latter two folds of the provocation caused to germinate. That first instance occurred as I happened upon G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy after years of … Continue reading Stop Loving People, Part 4

Film Review: Justice League

By Craig McElvain In a film era drowning in excessive style and bloated special FX, it seems unlikely that one of the billion superhero flicks currently playing would buck the trend, yet that is exactly what occurs in Zach Snyder’s franchise offering—Justice League. I must confess, I did not enter the film arena filled with optimism for a “message” film. In fact, I assumed another … Continue reading Film Review: Justice League

What Scares Me About Classical Education

In his Confessions Augustine recounts his early education, an education which many of us would be proud to impart to our own children. From a young age he was steeped in the Greek tragedies, Roman histories, and classical languages of Greek and Latin. Yet as he reflects upon these matters he expresses deep sorrow over how his heart was led astray by his own carnal lusts … Continue reading What Scares Me About Classical Education

Cabbage Hat Christians (Theology through the Eyes of Fiction Series)

There once was a man named Colonel Crane, and as his title may suggest, he was well respected in his community. He was well known and he could walk around in his hometown and people would see him and greet him. For a middle-aged man he was considered handsome and was widely regarded as a likeable man. This was the story of Colonel Crane, until … Continue reading Cabbage Hat Christians (Theology through the Eyes of Fiction Series)

Hudson Taylor: Improving Leadership

Hudson Taylor has become a study of mine since naming our first son Hudson three years ago. I had no intention of naming him after Hudson Taylor until my Dad mentioned and introduced me to this man and his inspirational life unto the Lord. Recently in my reading of Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders, he cites a letter that Taylor wrote that remarks on … Continue reading Hudson Taylor: Improving Leadership

“How Do You Read A Book…?”

I was sitting one day in a McDonald’s while my children were attending AWANA at our church. As a people watcher, I am perhaps more sensitive than some to social cues that individuals give off, but certain postures seem unmistakable. I purchased my $1 fountain drink, filled it with Diet Coke, and assumed one such posture—I buried my face in a book with a pen … Continue reading “How Do You Read A Book…?”