The Classical Roundup – December 22nd, 2017

The classical roundup is a group of worthwhile articles, videos, and podcasts that I have found helpful on our journey of exploring classical Christian education in the 21st century. Preparing for Tomorrow, Today with the Trivium – Learn how the trivium prepares our students for the future ahead. Martin Detweiler and Dr. George Grant again give us a six-minute excellent video.   What is the … Continue reading The Classical Roundup – December 22nd, 2017

Why are you on the bench?

Why are You on the Bench? A Look into the Trivium Applied to the Field of Sports by Scott McElvain and Kyle Rapinchuk Today is the day. August 17, 2017. The first day of year six at School of the Ozarks. It’s like opening day—the anticipation building over the off-season months, the preparation and practice that have gone into a good performance, and now it’s … Continue reading Why are you on the bench?

Nexus Notes–June 2, 2017

Change The World For The Better “This is the way that liberal education prepares young people to meet the world: by presenting for their consideration the deepest human thinking about living well, and by giving them a training ground for putting their considered beliefs about living well into practice. Four years of this work allows them to hit the ground running when they land in … Continue reading Nexus Notes–June 2, 2017