Nexus Notes–June 2, 2017

Change The World For The Better

“This is the way that liberal education prepares young people to meet the world: by presenting for their consideration the deepest human thinking about living well, and by giving them a training ground for putting their considered beliefs about living well into practice. Four years of this work allows them to hit the ground running when they land in the real world.”

6 Questions That Help Students Exceed Expectations

Tim Elmore offers a post on simple ways we can be helping students go the extra mile and not take shortcuts. He also explores the questions and statements that inhabit these mindsets.

Learning The Bible Using The Trivium Method

Great article on how we can look to apply the model of the trivium in the discipline of reading our Bibles. “We can learn how to learn the Bible by applying an ancient method that is popular in the classical Christian education movement: the Trivium method.”

Five Temptations for Classical Christian Education

An excellent article for classical Christian school administrators, teachers, and parents. Great insight into five temptations into which we can easily fall.


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