Oh to Christ, the Eternal Eros!

How can we do justice to the Love of Christ? What words can describe the simplicity, the power, the magnanimity of the One True Love? Is His love of the mind only? Certainly not! Is his love thumatic alone? By no means! The Love of Christ subsumes the Mind and the Heart! But what of our appetite? Will our appetite for Christ endure forever or … Continue reading Oh to Christ, the Eternal Eros!

What’re You Going to Do with Socrates?

By Ian Mosley, Instructor of Latin, School of the Ozarks Tom was not raised a Christian. Growing up, his family never went to church, never read the Bible together or practiced family prayer or worship. Nevertheless, he was lucky to have two parents who loved him, made sure he got a good education (by their own best lights, of course), and always encouraged his voracious … Continue reading What’re You Going to Do with Socrates?

The Fullness of Time

Those who read well, think well. Thus they write well and speak well. In speaking of how Jane Austen based all her writings upon Aristotle’s Ethics, Dr. Warren Gage said, “These people who wrote well, read well.”[1] When it comes down to it, all men are made in the Image of God. Even the most depraved of men have semblances of God’s order in them, … Continue reading The Fullness of Time

This Democracy Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3…

“…are you not ashamed that you care for having as much money as possible, and reputation, and honor, but that you neither care for nor give thought to prudence, and trust, and how your soul will be the best possible?”[1]The above question is what Socrates asks of the jury of his peers as they are about to sentence him to death. Is this question not … Continue reading This Democracy Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3…