It Sounds Like Singing

By Kelly Garrison, Guest Author It sounds like singing! As a description of sound, singing most often refers to the human voice. Birds chirp and machines whine, but people sing. In terms of creation, people are sacredly set apart and created to know, understand, and seek. For the Children’s Sake reminds us that Charlotte Mason specified children as persons, and in her teachings she respected … Continue reading It Sounds Like Singing

Creating Literacy Through Singing

The following is one of the sessions from our 2019 Conference co-hosted by School of the Ozarks and held at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO.  Creating Literacy Through Singing Do you know someone who is struggling to read?  Would you like to provide them with valuable tools to unlock the gift of literacy in a fun and effective way?  This workshop … Continue reading Creating Literacy Through Singing