Creating Literacy Through Singing

The following is one of the sessions from our 2019 Conference co-hosted by School of the Ozarks and held at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO. 

Creating Literacy Through Singing

Do you know someone who is struggling to read?  Would you like to provide them with valuable tools to unlock the gift of literacy in a fun and effective way?  This workshop does just that. Once an inner city school teacher in North Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lynn knows what it’s like to see students struggle to achieve reading fluency.  In this workshop, Lynn shares her personal experience from failure to success with at-risk students and explains in detail the program that she used to accomplish reading success for her students.  This program fits in skillfully with the grammar stage of the trivium and uses songs to enable students to master each one of the 36 steps to reading success.  The program that she shares will work for all ages but is geared toward the grammar level student.

Lynn Brim, Classical Conversations


If you would like to watch more videos from the 2019 conference, click here.

Also, if you would like to sign up to attend the upcoming conference that will be held on March 6th & 7th, click here for more information and registration. 



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