Curiosity Doesn’t Kill Anyone

by Christian Lingner, currently a senior at College of the Ozarks Anyone who has spent time in an educational institution or setting has heard time and again the refrains of The Apathetic Student, usually expressed in a phrase like “Why am I being forced to learn this stuff, I’m never going to have to use it” or “I don’t want to have to take this … Continue reading Curiosity Doesn’t Kill Anyone

What I Can’t Tolerate In A Student

My boss at School of the Ozarks is a big Lonesome Dove fan, so despite my admittedly poor knowledge of westerns, I have a good many lines of this movie memorized on account of their frequent usage around school. One of my favorites is a line by Woodrow Call after a particularly violent scene leaves some beat-up bad guys and a crowd of stunned villagers. … Continue reading What I Can’t Tolerate In A Student