Hateful Achilles

By Dan Snyder, Classical School of Wichita Hateful Achilles When we talk about prospects of life for a student who has chosen the humanities as a course of study, we always fight the headwind of pragmatism that pushes toward the question “but what will they do?” Most young people are concerned with joining the adult world, whatever that may be, and they covet the signs … Continue reading Hateful Achilles

Material Logic: Grammar in the Generic Sense

By Dan Snyder Can you help me with my grammar? I’ve been asked this question by concerned students who notice themselves lacking in the ability to properly connect their thoughts in thesis class. Thesis, a class that is mostly about connecting thoughts and then connecting with an audience, is a pinnacle study for seniors at the Classical School of Wichita. The idea that someone would … Continue reading Material Logic: Grammar in the Generic Sense