Refrigerator Art: The Lost Art of Grammar

By Craig McElvain GRAMMAR: Merriam-Webster defines it as- “the principles or rules of an art, science, or technique” What is grammar? Every discipline has a grammar; a structure, a set of principles or rules that define the discipline. Baseball has hitting, throwing, and fielding. Painting has light/shadow, perspective, and color. English has nouns, verbs, pronouns, and participles. Music has bass and treble clefs, quarter notes, … Continue reading Refrigerator Art: The Lost Art of Grammar

Film Review: Justice League

By Craig McElvain In a film era drowning in excessive style and bloated special FX, it seems unlikely that one of the billion superhero flicks currently playing would buck the trend, yet that is exactly what occurs in Zach Snyder’s franchise offering—Justice League. I must confess, I did not enter the film arena filled with optimism for a “message” film. In fact, I assumed another … Continue reading Film Review: Justice League

A Francis Option?

By Craig McElvain     Why “Benedict” ? Being a student of history, I find myself in total harmony with author Rod Dreher’s sense that the church must pull back from our current cultural milieu if it is to survive in post-modern America. This isn’t the first time that the church has been swallowed up into the culture (the first being the Constantinian church of … Continue reading A Francis Option?