In Support of Rest

“These are my favorite days,” I whispered to my daughter as we watched her siblings from the back porch, “—careening down the slide on cardboard boxcars, digging in the rocks with dinosaurs, reading a book under the umbrella. Don’t forget moments like these—they’re shaping you, whether you realize it or not.” I’m convinced we need more of this:  days without schedules, hours without plans, moments … Continue reading In Support of Rest

Classical Copycat: Modeling a Love for Learning

  Early summer sun lit the sky as the kids played in our backyard. Seizing precious alone time, I sat down at our outdoor table with a tablet and some watercolors. I’m a complete amateur, but painting helps me slow down and pour my mental energy into creating; it simultaneously stimulates and relaxes my mind. I love it. In fact, one of my resolutions for … Continue reading Classical Copycat: Modeling a Love for Learning

A Review of Simply Classical by Cheryl Swope

Swope, C. Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child. Louisville, KY:      Memoria Press, 2013. 293 pages. $24.95, softcover. Reviewed by Sara Osborne. “The special-needs child’s humanity—any child’s humanity—must determine the education he receives.”  -Cheryl Swope Cheryl Swope’s professional journey has followed a path similar to many educators who began in the throes of modern pragmatism only to find themselves unable to facilitate true learning.  … Continue reading A Review of Simply Classical by Cheryl Swope