Get Ready for Summer! Part 5—Latin and Other Languages

By Sara Osborne

Warmer temperatures and longer days are building excitement for students and their families as summer approaches.  We’re all eager for a change of pace and a break from the burn-out often associated with the end of the school year, yet we worry about our kids losing their skills over the summer. This need not be the case, however, if parents consider the many creative opportunities for their kids to continue learning over the summer. While the possibilities are virtually endless, this week we are sharing a few suggestions for continuing your child’s learning over the summer break. Today we take a look at Latin and other languages. (Check back the rest of this week for other topics—Mon: Math; Tue: Science; Wed: Reading/Writing/Grammar; Thurs: History/Geography).

Latin and Other Languages

Mais oui!  One of the benefits of learning Latin is that students grow in their ability to learn any language. Let them enjoy some of the fruit of their labor this summer by trying something new!

  • Latin: Encourage your child to find and learn the Latin names of plant and animal species.  For younger children, read Latin versions of storybooks familiar to most children. Search online for titles from Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh for younger readers to The Hobbit and Harry Potter for older students.  
  • Other Languages: Consider a basic vocabulary book for younger students, and choose from a variety of first-level courses available for older children. Our family is planning to dive into highly rated First Start French by Memoria Press this summer.

Other Educational Pursuits

Remember the abundant opportunities for your child to explore the arts over the summer!  It’s a great time to participate in a theater workshop, attend an outdoor concert, try your hand at painting, or pick up a new instrument (harmonica, recorder, ukulele…). Find out what fills your child with a sense of wonder and excitement, and seek out related activities.  

While many of these suggestions require little cost or preparation, some forethought is necessary. Consider taking some time to think through your goals for summer before the final days of school. Your interest in your child’s learning will encourage him or her to keep growing throughout the summer break!

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