Get Ready for Summer! Part 1—Math

By Sara Osborne

Warmer temperatures and longer days are building excitement for students and their families as summer approaches.  We’re all eager for a change of pace and a break from the burn-out often associated with the end of the school year, yet we worry about our kids losing their skills over the summer. This need not be the case, however, if parents consider the many creative opportunities for their kids to continue learning over the summer. While the possibilities are virtually endless, this week we are sharing a few suggestions for continuing your child’s learning over the summer break. Today we take a look at Math. (Check back the rest of this week for other topics—Tue: Science; Wed: Reading/Writing/Grammar; Thurs: History/Geography; Fri: Latin and Other Languages).


Math skills are among the first to disappear with the long weeks of summer. Consider planning some time into your child’s week for math practice and fun!


  • Math Machines: a fun way for your child to independently test his or her addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts. Available on or  


  • Board Games: Monopoly, The Allowance Game, card games, and so many other board games encourage the retention of basic math skills.


  • Measuring/Building Projects: Encourage your child to apply his or her math skills to real-life projects such as building a raised garden bed (or a Lego tower!) and calculating perimeter, area, etc…


  • Budgeting: Allow your child to help do the math for an upcoming family adventure (or even a grocery store trip!)


  • Baking: Enlist your child in family food preparation to give him or her a chance to use fractions and multiplication (double a recipe, for example). This activity also doubles for science credit as your child learns how different ingredients interact!



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