Create! Contest Winners

cropped-cropped-thistle21.jpgTwenty-three students from the School of the Ozarks Lower School participated in the Create! contest sponsored by the Classical Thistle this summer.  In order to enter a submission, students were asked to create a project in response to a summer read, exploration, or journey.  Students’ submissions were plentiful and varied; projects took the form of journals, posters, sculptures, paintings, mobiles, and more!  In addition to an original creation for display, each student was asked to provide a brief explanation of how his or her project demonstrates educational growth.  What a joy to read over all of the ways students and their families learned together this past summer!

Student entries were judged on creativity as well as demonstration of educational growth.  The following students were awarded prizes for the top projects of each age division:

K-2nd Grade Division

1.       Harper Kramer

2.       Jeremiah Pardue

3.       Moses Osborne


3rd-4th Grade Division

1.       Neely Houston

2.       Eleanor Osborne

3.       Ana Rapinchuk


5th-6th Grade Division

1.       Jake Foreman

2.       Sophia Osborne

3.       Anna Foreman

Congratulations to these winners of the Create! contest.  May you continue to look for creative ways to explore and engage the world around you!

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