An Update from The Classical Thistle

Hello friends! It’s been a while since we have posted articles on here, especially with any frequency, and we wanted to reach out and give you an update. We apologize for the long silence, but we backed off for some good reasons.

Why the limited content for two years?

  1. COVID-19 had a significant impact on us personally, forcing us into a heavier administrative load at school;
  2. Scott was working on, and has now successfully completed, his Ed.D. (dissertation link & PDF);
  3. Kyle has been developing “The Great Conversation,” an integrated humanities program that will revise our curriculum delivery at School of the Ozarks in grades 9-11;
  4. Work on other projects.

What other projects?

  1. Kyle published an article entitled “St. Bonaventure and the Future of Christian Education” with the International Journal of Christianity and Education in a special issue on historical pedagogues;
  2. Kyle published an essay entitled “Baseball and the Meaning of Life” in The Big Picture (vol. 3), a UK publication from the Kirby Laing Centre (PDF);
  3. Sara published an essay entitled “The World is My Classroom–and Yours” in the same issue of The Big Picture (vol. 3) (PDF);
  4. Kyle published an article, “Baseball is America’s Pastime…and Its Future” for The Kirby Laing Centre’s online journal, Ethics in Conversation;
  5. Sara has a book contract in process with Circe Institute;
  6. Sara also published several articles over the past two years on Circe Institute’s blog;
  7. We hosted our annual conference in March (see videos) after cancelling the 2021 conference due to COVID;
  8. And a few more things, both past and future…In short, we’ve been busy, so thank you for your patience and we hope you will jump back in the journey with us to become better classical educators.

What’s next?

  1. We plan to begin ramping up again with our article publication, beginning with four installments in a series called “The Art of Grammar” to begin next week.
  2. We would love to fulfill our vision of giving voice to a variety of authors and provide a platform for ideas that may not get published elsewhere. Part 4 of the upcoming “The Art of Grammar Series” will come from Jenna Carey, recent College of the Ozarks graduate (and also an S of O graduate) and soon to be graduate student and graduate assistant at the University of Arkansas. If you would like to publish with us, please see How to Write for Us and send us your ideas or email your completed draft to Kyle, our editor, at
  3. We hope to once again utilize our social media (and expand it) to more effect, though admittedly Scott and Kyle are not frequent users of social media. Nevertheless, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  4. A Classical Thistle podcast is in the early stages of development.

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