Classical Roundup–March 16th, 2018

Scott is in Europe, so I (Kyle) am posting on his behalf. I thought it might be fun as Scott takes our School of the Ozarks’ senior class to Greece and Italy to share some pieces we have published from our previous S of O graduates. This week’s Classical Roundup, then, features some of our favorite pieces from former students.

Christian Lingner

christian lingner“Life as Maintenance: A Reminder of the Beauty Found in Conserving What is Good”

Preview: Our experience may not appear glamorous or world-altering from our limited perspective when we live a life of local obedience to the truth, but by participating in the daily act of placing our faith in Christ, we are submitting to the notion that, through His grace, “in some small way we are doing something important.”


Fiona Hubbard

fiona hubbard 1“Mudbloods and Other Evils: Harry Potter and Chesterton in the Eugenics and Ethics Conversation”

Preview: So what can you do? Do not stand idly by. Learn about this relatively new realm of science. Analyze your presupposed ethics. Let not humanity ever reach the point of labeling people based off of their genetic makeup; let there never be such despicable appellations such as Mudbloods or Purebloods.


Rachel Snyder

Rachel SnyderThe Importance of Once Upon a Time

Preview: Finally, fairy tales are not a method of escapism, but lay a foundation for facing struggles while maintaining hope in the future. All in all, fairy tales should not be excluded from the lives of children, but rather extended to them as a historically and culturally rich, mind sharpening, and edifying piece of literature.



Coby Dolloff

Coby Dolloff 2“’By Knowing Me Here’: Why Fiction is Essential to the Christian Life”

Preview: By meeting Christ in strange, imaginary lands, we come to know Him better in our own lives. This is why I implore you to read fiction. Not just for enjoyment. Not to escape our world. But to encounter Jesus. That is my plea for you today. Open up a book. Step into the wardrobe. Go through the looking glass. Grab some pixie dust, or a magic ring, or the controls of a spaceship.


Madeline Sparks

MadelineSparks“The Value of Critical Engagement”

Preview: As Christians, we are called by Christ to engage in culture. How will they know him if no one shares his love and truth with them? How will the gospel spread to the far corners of the world, even the darkest corners of the world, if no one is willing to humble themselves to listen, understand, build relationships and speak the truth in love. 

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