Classical Roundup–March 16th, 2018

Scott is in Europe, so I (Kyle) am posting on his behalf. I thought it might be fun as Scott takes our School of the Ozarks’ senior class to Greece and Italy to share some pieces we have published from our previous S of O graduates. This week’s Classical Roundup, then, features some of our favorite pieces from former students. Christian Lingner “Life as Maintenance: A … Continue reading Classical Roundup–March 16th, 2018

The Classical Roundup–January 6, 2018

What Is the Daily Aim of Parenting? – Paul David Tripp gives a 4-minute answer to this powerful question on the Ask John Piper Podcast. A worthy investment and reminder to the great calling we have been given as parents. How Turning to the Monastics can help our Schools Create & Preserve Culture – One of my favorites Christopher Perrin provides an insightful article describing … Continue reading The Classical Roundup–January 6, 2018