Classical Roundup – August 10th, 2018

The Classical Roundup is a group of worthwhile articles, videos, and podcasts that I have found helpful on our journey of exploring classical Christian education in the 21stcentury.    Awake. Love. Think. Speak. – “To do this we must get out of ourselves and into books. Not just any books, mind you – great books. Books that have stood the test of time. Books that are imbued … Continue reading Classical Roundup – August 10th, 2018

On Aristotle and Happiness

By Christine Norvell Humanity of every age and culture has sought a sense of purpose, often in semantics—perhaps fulfillment, contentment, joy, pleasure, satisfaction, or happiness add meaning to our life on earth. However, some of these words appear interconnected or lend to a dichotomy, either relating to the physical senses or to intuitive ones. Aristotle saw how these separate terms could intertwine to define happiness: … Continue reading On Aristotle and Happiness