Forty Days of Faithful Waiting (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)

At the 2012 ETS Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Stephen Dempster of Crandall University presented a paper entitled “Resurrection on the Third Day in Accordance with the Scriptures.” As suggested by the title, Dempster set out to explain what Paul may have been thinking when he said that Christ’s resurrection on the third day was “in accordance with the Scriptures” (1 Cor 15:3).  Dempster ultimately concluded … Continue reading Forty Days of Faithful Waiting (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)

Ash Wednesday (Book Blurbs)

Today is February 14, so naturally stores are filled with flowers, candy, and greeting cards for those last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers. But this year, February 14 also marks a “holiday/holy-day” of far more significance for the Church–Ash Wednesday. However, many in my tradition (Southern Baptist) have little knowledge of or concern for Ash Wednesday. Unfortunately, I find this lack of knowledge and concern disappointing. The … Continue reading Ash Wednesday (Book Blurbs)