Cultivating the Intellectual Life of Your Students (and Yourself)        

The following is one of the sessions from our 2019 Conference co-hosted by School of the Ozarks and held at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO. 

 Cultivating the Intellectual Life of Your Students (and Yourself)                                     

If classical Christian education desires to cultivate wisdom and virtue in its students, then it cannot ignore the importance of cultivating an intellectual life. In a world where such pursuits are uncommon or unpopular, however, we must help our students love such intellectual pursuits, and begins with our own intellectual lives as teachers. Kyle will share some introductory thoughts in the first half and leave the second half of the session for discussion on how to put these things into practice.

Dr. Kyle Rapinchuk, School of the Ozarks & The Classical Thistle


If you would like to watch more videos from the 2019 conference, click here.

Also, if you would like to sign up to attend the upcoming conference that will be held on March 6th & 7th, click here for more information and registration. 

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