B. B. Warfield on Theological Education (Reflections on B. B. Warfield’s The Religious Life of Theological Students #1)

In his excellent short essay, The Religious Life of Theological Students, B. B. Warfield gives advice to the theological student about the kind of person he or she should be. Too often our focus on theological education is merely the information to be learned. But Warfield argues it is just as, or more important, that the proper formation is happening in the student. As I re-read this essay recently, I was struck by how many of his insights apply to students in classical Christian education as well, for all of our students are in some measure theological students as well. Likewise, all teachers at classical Christian schools should view their teaching as a calling, and one closely in line with the vocation of ministry that Warfield is primarily addressing. In the coming weeks, therefore, I will explore Warfield’s work and suggest five different lessons his insights can teach to students and teachers at classical Christian schools: the character of the teacher; faithful learning; bringing Christ to class; vocation of education for the teacher and the students; and finally, the necessity of community.

You can order this essay for a great price at Amazon, Christian Book, and P&R Publishing or find it online from The Master’s Seminary.

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