The Journey

Not surprisingly, the journey is perhaps the theme more than any other at the heart of the Great Books of literature. The Odyssey, The Divine Comedy, The Canterbury Tales, and many more are centered upon a journey, a journey that changes the characters for both good and ill. I think as Christians we do well to read these journeys, to enter into them along with the characters and learn as they learn, to learn what they learn, and oftentimes learn the lessons how they learn them. In the following examples, I want us to journey together to learn alongside the characters, and then see how Jesus, too, takes us on a journey from which we learn a lesson more profound than all the rest. Continue reading The Journey

The Structure of Phantastes and a Lesson in Humility

You can read about the origin of this paper in my previous post, “Going Back to High School.” You can read the paper in PDF form here. “The Structure of Phantastes and a Lesson in Humility” By Kyle Rapinchuk Some may believe that fantasy exists as a genre without structure. If the laws of time, space, and gravity cannot constrain the plot, how could something as simple as … Continue reading The Structure of Phantastes and a Lesson in Humility

Going Back to High School

Last week I celebrated two years since my PhD graduation. It’s hard to believe that after pre-K through doctorate, with only two short breaks (one year between college and masters, and six months between masters and PhD) in between, I am forever done with my formal education. In fact, it has now been over four years since my last PhD seminar. I thought about this … Continue reading Going Back to High School