Rethinking Elementary Latin (2018 Conference Presentation)

The following is one of the sessions from our 2018 Conference co-hosted by School of the Ozarks and held at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO. The full collection of presentations can be found at Rethinking Elementary Latin                               Ian Mosley, School of the Ozarks Most elementary Latin curricula look pretty similar. What works about them? What doesn’t? How can we improve the quality … Continue reading Rethinking Elementary Latin (2018 Conference Presentation)

2nd Grade Wonder

“Numbers have no beginning or end. Numbers are kind of like God. I just realized that.” From the mouth of babes. These are the words that make a classical-educator-dad proud. This is what my 2nd grade son tells me on the way to school the other day. A couple minutes later, he spouts off another timeless question: “Numbers greater than zero are positive. Numbers less … Continue reading 2nd Grade Wonder