Four Questions for Reading the Great Books

One of the foundational aspects of classical Christian education is our commitment to reading the Great Books. But many students, despite an increasing number of them growing up in classical Christian schools, find the jump from what they read in the earlier grades to the Great Books themselves to be a difficult and daunting task. How do we help them take this next step in their education and view the Great Books as not only accessible but also as something they love to read? I have found success in working with my students through four questions that help them better understand the process of reading well, and thereby also help them read (and enjoy) the Great Books more.

  1. What does it say? The Question of Observation
  2. What does it mean? The Question of Interpretation
  3. Is it true? The Question of Verification
  4. What should I do? The Question of Application

These four questions help us become better readers, and as better readers we enjoy the Great Books much more. In the following video I explore these four questions in a little bit more detail.

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