Why the Great Books Are Classical And Christian

The following is one of the sessions from our 2019 Conference co-hosted by School of the Ozarks and held at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO. 

Why the Great Books Are Classical And Christian (And Therefore Why You Should Read Them)

This presentation will explore the related origins and overlapping aims of the modern classical Christian education and Great Books movements, arguing that it is essential for both classical Christian educators and their students to participate in what Robert Maynard Hutchins and Mortimer Adler famously called The Great Conversation, particularly for Christians who believe that all truth is God’s truth.

Dr. Brad Pardue, College of the Ozarks


If you would like to watch more videos from the 2019 conference, click here.

Also, if you would like to sign up to attend the upcoming conference that will be held on March 6th & 7th, click here for more information and registration. 

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