The Blueness of Transparency (Mundane Meditations)

Not long ago I took a walk through the woods. My aim was to get some fresh air and some space from the craziness of life. I wandered for a while through the trees, thick with leaves that valiantly fought to grant me a respite from the oppressive heat. Soon, however, my path led me out into an open expanse and the full intensity of the sun’s attack was upon me. After finally adjusting my vision in this new brightness, I was struck by a realization—the sky I looked upon was blue.

Now, even a child knows that the sky is blue, but children have not yet ceased to ask why. Why is the sky blue? I suddenly wanted to know. But I didn’t want so much to know the scientific answer to the sky’s color, but the spiritual answer. And the thing that really sparked my interest was that close up, air isn’t blue at all—it’s transparent. I stood a bit befuddled that I had never really thought much about this link between blueness and transparency, yet here it was in the sky above. But then I looked down into a valley and saw a small pond—and it, too, was blue. And yet water, in my experience, is likewise transparent when in close proximity. If nearly all the sky above and 70% of the earth below manifest the blueness of transparency, I figured something more was at work.

Blue, I have been told, is a popular color. It appears on a large percentage of world flags, business logos, and advertising. I’ve been led to believe also that blue is a color of loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust.

Perhaps this is why, apart from any evidence, so many speak of the fruit that Adam and Eve ate as an apple. Whatever fruit it was, it was certainly not blue, for no other act is so antithetical to the meaning of blue—their act was disloyal, weak, foolish, and lacked trust. And in that treacherous act, mankind, though created in God’s image, failed to properly reflect His likeness. That is, until one man, the God-Man, once again perfectly reflected the image and likeness of God in a man. Now we, sinners though we are, have hope for salvation in Christ. By virtue of his work, our soul will be with him when we die and will one day too, like Jesus’, be reunited with a resurrected body.

And as I stood there in the woods, staring into the sky, I couldn’t help but wonder if my soul is blue.

2 thoughts on “The Blueness of Transparency (Mundane Meditations)

  1. Another interesting connection between the fruit in the garden and an apple.

    Latin for Apple= malum
    Latin for bad= malus


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