King George or King Jesus?


(Picture taken moments before the events narrated below).

Note: On Memorial Day, I took my three kids and my niece to the park. It was a little less than a year ago that I did the same thing, after which I wrote the piece below. I’m re-posting it today because it was a good reminder for me. 

On a recent afternoon I took my three children and my niece to the park. Well, two parks actually. While we were at the second park my daughter Ana and my son Aviel got into a fight. This is nothing new, and so when I called them over I was fairly certain I knew what would happen. However, we had a very interesting conversation, one that I never really expected. My daughter told me that they were playing a game in which Aviel was the king and that he was not letting anyone do anything, but instead was being very controlling. I asked him, “What kind of king do you want to be? Are you acting like King Jesus?” He responded, “No.” I said, “Are you acting like King George?” After a brief discussion about American history and the Declaration of Independence, he assured me that he was indeed acting much more like King George than King Jesus.

After talking for a while longer we discussed how we needed to pretend in the game the way we wanted to live in reality. That means that we need to pretend to be more and more like King Jesus and less and less like King George. As he walked away, still not quite like King Jesus I might add, it got me thinking about a talk I had heard last year from Matt Whitling, entitled “A Fit Ruler Some Day.” As parents and classical Christian educators, we are training students to be fit rulers some day, for in fact that is what God has told all of his children they will be. I was reminded that even moments on the playground and conversations trying to stop a fight between my children are opportunities to shape our children, to educate them and to help them become what God has created and called them to be. Since we will be rulers someday, pretending to be king is a worthy activity—let’s just make sure we imitate the right king.

Feature Image photo credit: Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Playground photo credit: my iPhone!

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