10,000 Year Education Plan

As we plan for our futures, we are often encouraged to think in terms of 3-, 5-, 15-, or even 20- or 30-year goals. This is considered to be a great way of thinking beyond the present—beyond our needs in the moment—and thinking about what we need for years to come. When we consider the question of education, we should also be thinking in the same terms. When you look at your child’s education are you planning for the next 10 years of their life? Are you planning the next 20 or 30 or even 40 years of their life? If the answer is Yes, then I challenge you that you might be remarkably shortsighted.

night skyA couple weeks ago I was listening to the audiobook of John Piper’s The Pleasures of God. In this book Piper envisions a future in which we will explore the vast universe. He wrote of us exploring each planet of God’s creation one by one. Imagine that! We have not yet exhausted what there is to know about our own planet. Imagine exploring 10,000 other planets for the next 100,000 years! And even then, we are just getting started! Who knows what those planets might have in store! Who knows what discoveries and wonders we might behold!

Now before you criticize my eschatology, I concede that I have no idea if this is what will actually occupy our time for the next 100,000 years. But if this is a possibility that we can conceive of in our limited thinking, how wondrous must what God actually has planned for us be! What if your vision for your child’s education was a 10,000-year plan! What if your vision for your child’s education was to prepare them to learn and explore and to be in wonder of all of God’s creation for the next 100,000 years? What kind of education would that be? Which school would you enroll your child in for a future such as that? In the vein of John Piper and C.S. Lewis, I submit to you that the problem with the vision of modern education is not that we set our aspirations for our children and their future too high, but indeed we set our aspirations extraordinarily low.

What are your short-term goals for yourself and your children (3,000-, 5,000-, 15,000-, 30,000-year goals, etc.)?

What are your long-term goals for yourself and your children (100,000-, 1,000,000, and 1,000,000,000-year goals, etc.)?


Photo Credit: Alessandro Viaro on Unsplash

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