Classical Roundup – March 9th, 2018

The Classical Roundup is a group of worthwhile articles, videos, and podcasts that I have found helpful on our journey of exploring classical Christian education in the 21stcentury. WHY USE GREAT BOOKS & WHAT ARE THE GREAT BOOKS Simple answers to great questions in the classical landscape. THE POETIC BEAUTY OF THE GOSPEL MESSAGE Whether it’s through story, song, or artwork, I’m thankful for the … Continue reading Classical Roundup – March 9th, 2018


Fracture. When has the word “fracture” been used in a way that we might call a “positive usage”? Indeed, it seems impossible to think of a circumstance in which we refer to something that has been “fractured” as a good thing. Even the word “shattered” can be conceived of in a positive context—as in a pot is shattered by the potter, so that it might … Continue reading FOR US AND FOR OUR SALVATION: INCARNATIONAL CONTEXTUALIZATION

Nexus Notes–September 15, 2017

A nexus is a series of connections linking two or more things. These notes are dedicated to linking us to great content elsewhere out on the web. Weaving Math into a Classical Curriculum – Bill Carey from gives helpful insight into a classical math curriculum and how it fits in with other subjects. 8 Ideas for Cultivating a Culture of Memory in the Classroom … Continue reading Nexus Notes–September 15, 2017