On a School Day Morning

As the school year begins, I share with you a prayer I have written that may help you and your family, perhaps especially when the excitement of the new year wears off.

On a School Day Morning
By Sara Osborne

O God of early mornings, 
        Drowsy children,
        Unwashed uniforms,
        Missing socks, 
        Uneaten breakfasts, 
        Incomplete homework, 
        Forgotten permission slips, 
        Late library books, 
        Uncombed hair,
        And fast-brushed teeth—
Meet us again today, we pray.

In the fogginess of our mornings, 
	Give us clarity.
In our rush to finish tasks, 
	Give us peace.
In our unreturned service to others, 
	Give us grace.
In the midst of our daily self-care,
	Help us to see our brother, sister, father, mother
	As you do.

Remind us, O God, that your Sovereign Hand upholds
	Weary parents,
	Struggling students, 
	Quarreling siblings, 
	Feuding friends,
	And discouraged teachers
And that, by the power of your Spirit, we are not subject to live
As our human feelings instruct.


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