Classical Roundup – June 8th, 2018

The Classical Roundup is a group of worthwhile articles, videos, and podcasts that I have found helpful on our journey of exploring classical Christian education in the 21stcentury. 


What is a classical Christian education?

Dr Robert Woods from Veritas Christian Academy highlights some of the best that Norms & Noblity have in answering the question as to what Classical Christian Education is.

Calculus Is the Peak of High School Math. Maybe It’s Time to Change That

A interesting take on calculus and statistics within the current high school curriculum from Education Week.

Sunsets & Science

As a science teacher at a classical school, I occasionally hear my humanities students ask, “Why study high school science?” Sometimes, I try to convince these bookworms that a chemistry textbook can be a fascinating read. But since that’s mostly met with incredulity, I like to share a story.


it seems that classical Christian education must be an education that focuses on how all truth is God’s truth (the head), how to rightly order our desires toward the kingdom (heart), and how these come together.jpg

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