Classical Roundup – Febuary 9th, 2018

The Classical Roundup is a group of worthwhile articles, videos, and podcasts that I have found helpful on our journey of exploring classical Christian education in the 21stcentury.

Elementary Is Not Enough – How A Classical High School BEST Prepares Kids For College – Veteran Head of School Matt Skinner makes a convincing case for why the last four years before college are the most important to be in a classical school.


Phone-addicted teens are unhappy – A new study by SDSU psychology professor Jean M. Twenge finds that more screen time is coincides with less happiness in youths


Ask Andrew: Why did Dorothy Sayers’ interpretation of the trivium become influential? – In this episode, Andrew (and a special guest) discuss the reasons why Dorothy Sayers’ interpretation of the trivium has become so popular and influential.


How Much Entertainment Is Too Much? – Tim Challies writes an article helping us answer this important question.

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