Nexus Notes – December 15th, 2017

A nexus is a series of connections linking two or more things. These notes are dedicated to linking us to great content elsewhere out on the web.

Preparing for Tomorrow, Today –  George Grant tells a great story of the dining hall at Saint Mary’s in Oxford, England that perfectly illustrates how we can and should prepare for tomorrow, today. Classic George Grant in a three-minute video well worth your time.

Classical Christian Education Worldview – Marlin Detweiler, president of Veritas delivers a well organized four-minute video overviewing the Christian Worldview of Classical Christian Education.

Lunch In the Devil’s Triangle – David Goodwin, president of the ACCS, describes how at this time of the year, some classical students begin to influence their parents to send them to a new school. Great little read and worth the time for any administrator.

2017 Chrysostom First Prize – This video is a recording of the first prize winner of the ACCS Chrysostom Oratory Competition, Kana Turley. Kana happens to be the daughter of a guest author for the Classical Thistle, Steve Turley.


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