Nexus Notes – November 24th, 2017

A nexus is a series of connections linking two or more things. These notes are dedicated to linking us to great content elsewhere out on the web.

Bullet Trains & Birds – Not a huge Vox fan, but this video is fascinating – Japan’s famous bullet trains had a problem: they were extremely loud. Pressure waves while exiting tunnels at high speeds caused a shockwave that could be heard from 1,500 feet away. Engineer and birdwatcher Eiji Nakatsu led the redesign of the trains, and found solutions in birds, most notably in the beak of the kingfisher.

Three Morning Prayers – Paul David Tripp gives us three wonderful things to pray. 1. God, I’m a person in desperate need of help this morning. 2. I pray that in your grace, you would send your helpers my way. 3. I pray when the help comes, you would give me the humility to receive it with joy.

Ask Andrew Kern New Podcast Direction – Andrew Kern begins anew with the “Ask Andrew” podcast where he contemplates important ideas, essential terms, and unavoidable themes in classical education – and what they mean for the day-to-day of teaching and learning. In episode one, Andrew discusses the show’s new direction and what he hopes it will be for listeners.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Kids – Paul David Tripp gives all parents and teachers 5 questions to ask to get to the heart of our children/students in the discipline process. Discipline is a key to discipleship!


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