Nexus Notes–October 6, 2017

Nexus NotesA nexus is a series of connections linking two or more things. These notes are dedicated to linking us to great content elsewhere out on the web.

Vision of the Good Life – Great video from Craig Dunham of Petra Academy addressing human flourishing and what the vision of the “Good Life” is.

K-12 then to College – Who made this up? Does it even make sense? John Mark Reynolds speaking on BasecampLive Podcast about this educational model.

A Well-Ordered Language is the Means by Which We Perceive Truth – “For children to feast upon the rich cuisine of that which is good, true, and beautiful, they should first be shown how to taste, savor, and digest what they encounter. Without proper instruction that will cultivate their taste, students may turn from the “feast” in disgust, reject further sustenance, and perhaps never return.”

Where the Good Way Is – “We have a rare opportunity to raise a generation that can effectively speak into the darkness.”

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